Our Infrastructure

We are strengthened by a state of the art infrastructural setup, which covers a large area of space. It is equipped with advanced processing, quality control, packaging and warehousing units. These wings work in a close coordination that enables us to cater rising needs of our clients across the globe. Also, we have excellent storage facilities that ensure to stock our products under hygienic conditions. Owing to this we can store & place a large amount of products that further help us in timely delivery of consignments.

Manufacturing Process

At Paras Foods the most modern techniques are used at the milling and processing stages to ensure the perfection of each grain. We have been continuously upgrading the vast knowledge capital and technology to keep in tunes with the ever growing and demanding market needs at the global level.The plants are equipped with state of the art machinery sourced from Buhler of Germany, Korea, and England.Present Infrastructure is consist of various “fully Integrated, 100% Automated Rice Milling, Parboiling, Processing & Packaging Units. Export capability of the company is ably supported by its experienced management and in continuous research & Development, which enabled to produce qualitative products with a wide range in its product profile.

Paddy in its raw form cannot be consumed by human beings. It needs to be suitably processed for obtaining rice. Rice milling is the process which helps in removal of hulls and barns from paddy grains to produce polished rice. Rice forms the basic primary processed product obtained from paddy and this is further processed for obtaining various secondary and tertiary products.

  1. Pre Cleaning : Removing all impurities and unfilled grains from paddy.
  2. De-stoning : Separating small stones from paddy.
  3. Parboiling (Optional) : Helps in improving the nutritional quality by gelatinization of starch inside the rice grain. It improves the milling recovery percent during deshelling and polishing / whitening operation.
  4. Husking : Removing husk from paddy.
  5. Husk Aspiration : Separating the husk from brown rice/ unhusked paddy.
  6. Paddy Separation : Separating the unhusked paddy from brown rice.
  7. Whitening : Removing all or part of the bran layer and germ from brown rice.
  8. Polishing : Improving the appearance of milled rice by removing the remaining bran particles and by polishing the exterior of the milled kernel.
  9. Length Grading : Separating small and large brokens from head rice
  10. Grading : Mixing head rice with predetermined amount of brokens, as required by the customer.
  11. Weighing and bagging : Preparing the milled rice for transport to the customer.

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